Corporate Philosophy(Vision)

To create a driving force for a better world

The “driving force” in our vision at Bivalabo consists of the people striving to produce products and services that they believe will make the world a better place.

By providing a space in this world that allows everyone to enjoy working in a way that respects their individuality, we can create driving forces for the improvement of a multitude of worlds.


If you’re not enjoying yourself, then you’re not working.If you’re not providing enjoyment, then you’re not working.

Living means doing something with your life. And if that’s the case, then you should be doing something that you enjoy. At Bivalabo, we place importance on providing enjoyment to ourselves as well as our fellow coworkers, and strive to cultivate a community of compassion.

Code of Conduct

Be cool

That is, “is my motive virtuous, or selfish?” Don’t deceive your customers for profit. Don’t lie. Don’t be two-faced. The culture of doing what’s right, and doing what’s cool – of humbly, healthily challenging yourself is an essential part of the Bivalabo spirit.

Keep learning, and playing

There is no output without input. Work is producing something of value which makes output essential, but input is an equally essential aspect of work. Learning is not just simply studying – it is also the act of investing in ourselves, which at it’s core encourages our own personal growth. Experience is irreplaceable, and cannot be measured in terms of cost. It provides extra depths to life, provides us with invaluable lessons, and helps to create a rich self in each of us. The culture of actively encouraging mutual self-improvement is an essential part of the Bivalabo spirit.

Believe in your good fortune

No individual or company wants to rely on someone who doubts their own fate. The more that someone believes in their own good fortune, the stronger their ability to see the positivity in the world becomes. Luck is not something we are innately equipped with, but is something that can be acquired in life through personal recognition and then put to use, and this way of thinking is an essential part of the Bivalabo spirit.